Leather Ware

One of the main export goods of Syria is leather ware.

Syria is a developing country in the Eastern Mediterranean region with an economy that is well diversified. Their economy is based o­n agriculture, industry, and energy.

Machinery such as large transport equipment, food and livestock, metal and metal items, chemical products, plastics, and paper are some of the main import goods that Syria requires o­n an o­ngoing basis. The livestock imported helps them to produce meat, milk, and skins to be marketed out.

Some of Syria's major exports are crude oil and their refined products, raw cotton, textiles, leather ware, phosphates, glassware, chemicals, and a variety of agricultural products.

Well known for its knitted and fine woven products exclusively made from delicately spun Syrian cotton, Syria enjoys an excellent reputation for fine cloth, exclusive textiles, and quality ready-made garments.

Seeking a bigger piece of the export competition, Syria has marketed itself as a player in quality leather ware. Due to its low labor cost, it is able to operate at competitive prices while offering a wide assortment of quality leather goods such as belts, shoes, bags, key chains, jackets, and eyeglass cases. Syria is also quite competitive when it comes to any special order leather products that may be requested. Because of this, leather ware is expected to remain o­ne of the main export goods of Syria.

Trading in Syria has grown due to product quality and competitive prices offered. With new work initiatives introduced, Syria has been able to improve production capacities and new product and research development capabilities, becoming a bigger player in Asia's export sector.